Cave Music's Improvisator

Wine Country Personality

What do you call a master of cave acoustics who plays a hundred rare and beautiful instruments, who has performed nearly two hundred winery cave concerts, and who puts us in touch with our ancient roots in ways that are timelessly new, immensely enjoyable and totally creative?

The Improvisator, of course! Your guide to adventures in sound underground at .

This is the man who invented the wine country cave concert more than twenty years ago and has lovingly evolved the concept into a fully refined art form, with an array of entrancing shows that cover all the year's seasons with a cornucopeia of imaginative themes: "Cave Of The Drums", "Cave Of The Spirits", "Cave Of The Bells"... and the best known of all, "Carols In The Caves" (ask the locals - they'll tell you it's a real "only in the wine country" holiday tradition!).

He describes his Cave Music as "a sound spa for the mind", because it rejuvenates listeners by soothing away the stress of modern times. What's a Cave Music show like? It's neither a fast-paced show biz production nor a formal Carnegie-Hall-in-a-cave, but rather a relaxing, informal gathering where the beauty of the moment is how everything comes together to shape a magical mood.

At Cave Music shows, all the elements are enchanting: the exotically romantic underground settings (and a few rare and special above-ground venues such as meadows, lakes and cathedrals), the adventurous spirit of the audience, the gracious hospitality of the hosts, and the sounds of the artist's world-wide collection of wonderful instruments resounding in the natural acoustics.

Life's troubles are very far away when Cave Music is in the air.

The Improvisator's instruments are hand-crafted by gifted artisans in countries all around the globe. They encompass the entire family of instruments: wind, string and percussion. There are dulcimers, harps, psalteries, flutes, panpipes, concertinas, gongs, bells, marimbas, steel drums, hand drums, chimes, and too many more to mention. His playing style is a homage to the traditions of many lands, which he interprets with skillful spontaneity. His improvisations are so smooth, many listeners believe them to be written and rehearsed.

When not in the caves he knows so well, he's devising other engaging sound adventures, like the hypnotic "Temple of Drums", the dreamy "Night Voyage: Listening With The Lights Out" and the participatory "Bring Your Own Drum Show".

And public performances aren't all he does. The Improvisator is in demand for countless private events, providing the ultimate in ambience, adventurous team building, imaginative workshops, ceremonial music, and custom catered shows.

Decades of experience and observing human nature have taught him how to make people happy, and his motto is "have fun, will travel".

So if you hear the question, "How many Improvisators does it take to change a lightbulb?"... you now know the answer: just one - because there are no others!