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Monterey County Events Newsletter
April, 2000

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  • Good Old Days Celebration
  • Annual Wildflower Show
  • Historic Adobe Tour
  • Annual Home and Garden Affair
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  • Editor's Note - Point Lobos
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If you are visiting the Monterey area in April, here are our recommendations of interesting things to see and do:

March 30 - April 2 -- Monterey Wine Festival
The biggest and most celebrated wine event in the country. Famous names from the world of wine and food come to Monterey for testing, tasting and comparing good wines. Lectures, seminars and gourmet dining with wine. Cooking Demonstrations. Opening night will be held at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and winemaker dinners, winery tours and other activities will take place at locations throughout the beautiful Monterey County, including historic Fisherman's Wharf in Monterey.
Fee: Call for various ticket prices Time: Call for various events Phone Number: (800) 656-4282 or (831) 656-WINE

April 8 - 9 -- Good Old Days Celebration
A celebration of a bygone era. Includes a large parade, more than 225 arts and crafts exhibitors, pie eating, bubble gum blowing and other contests. Fashion show, live entertainment. Police officers' motorcycle competition and drill team. Also, Jaws of life and Fire Departments' Muster Hose Cart Race. Pacific Grove.
Fee: Call Time: Call Phone Number: (831) 373-3304

April 14 - 16 -- Annual Wildflower Show
Over 600 species and varieties of central California wildflowers. Rare species are cultivated on the museum grounds. Wildflower photos, and other exhibits. Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History.
Fee: Free Time: 10am-5pm, Tue.-Sun. Phone Number: (408) 648-3116

April 15 -- Historic Adobe Tour
A day-long walking tour of 20 historic Monterey home and adobes as well as family activities, living history, food, music and more.
Fee: Call Time: Call Phone Number: (831) 372-2608, ext. 15

April 29 -- Annual Home & Garden Affair
Stroll through the beautiful gardens and visit with gardening and floral experts. Live music, entertainment and refreshments. "Cooking from the Garden" demonstrations from Barnyard restaurants. Held outside in the fragrant gardens. *Portion of the proceeds benefiting Friends of Hospice Foundation. Location: The Barnyard, Carmel.
Fee: $10.00* Time: 1:00pm-4:00pm Phone Number: (408) 624-8886, Maya

more events
For more events in the Monterey area for the rest of 2000 please look through our extensive Events Calendar:.

For weather predictions, choose the San Francisco area:

If you are sensitive to trees, grasses, weeds and molds see what might be blooming here around the time of your visit by looking at the web site of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology :
Select "San Jose (Station 2)," it has more recent data. Use the graph feature at the bottom of that page, input today's date 1999 (i.e. 4-1-99)
and you'll get a graph of the last 12 month's activity. Click on a bar of the graph to see what was active on that date. Pack tissues ;-)

editors note
The first thing I recommend to people visiting the Monterey area is to tour Point Lobos, the state park south of Carmel River on Highway 1.

Of course you may drive in and be out in 20 minutes; in that case, don't bother, just pick up a postcard in town. If you are a senior or physically handicap then by all means drive in, but bring a lunch, open the windows and enjoy the experience. Otherwise, you must WALK IN for the full experience. Park along the highway; there's a path on the west side of the road.

The park's web site does an excellent job of describing the natural and cultural history of the place ( The native Ohlones, the Spanish then Mexican period, a Portuguese whaling station, a coal and granite quarry (if you know about geology you'll understand that these 2 minerals rarely occur together), Chinese and Japanese abalone harvesting enterprises and the convoluted events that led to its being made a park.

The history is very interesting, but the park is even more important as a spiritual experience. To walk along the springy pine-scented paths cooled by the dappled shade, the wind whispering in the sweet boughs... Step quietly around a wall of blue-flowering ceonothus and the whole Pacific sparkles before you! The Great Spirit is everywhere in Point Lobos.

This experience is articulated by the late poet Robinson Jeffers ( Jeffers lived in Carmel and explored this area; his writings portray the powerful experience of being one with nature - the Monterey peninsula will bring out the poet and artist in you!

Bring a windbreaker, water and food; wear comfortable shoes to keep your body from its petty complaints, also bring blank paper, paints or at least colored pencils. Then set yourself down in a quiet spot and look around. How many shades of blue is that stretch of ocean? Indanthrone, Prussian, Ultra Marine and Cobalt? It really doesn't matter. Landscape painting is like fishing, or maybe golf - an excuse to get outside and do nothing for hours on end. Give yourself permission to just look... and really see! Look at that Cypress trunk! Van Dyke gray and a dusty tan quality? Oh, and where is that little bird? Soon you will find yourself completely a part of that place. Now THAT experience is something you can take with you and remember often; you can't buy it, but you can give it to yourself if you slow down.

Remember that collecting is prohibited in the park, please leave that shell or pinecone for another's enlightenment.

When you are completely one with the Earth - a delighted participant in this brief moment of the unfolding flower of Space-Time - you can wander around the Peninsula bemused with the wonders of man and all the ways we find to entertain ourselves. Enjoy! You will always have that quiet place in yourself to go back to.

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