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March, 2000 - Wedding Focus

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Blue Violet Mansion
Let us help you plan your special ceremony in our grand salon or our Gazebo Garden surrounded by a myriad of roses and concluding with a gourmet, multi-course dinner of fine French and Mediterranean cuisine served by candlelight in our Grand Salon. We can provide assistance in arranging all services needed for your event from flowers to music, including photography and/or videotaping with your equipment. The ministry services of Rev. Kathleen V. Morris, Ph.D. are available, she will help you design your ceremony to the specifications you desire providing you an event to remember. We can accommodate up to 72 people. For more information: (800) 959-2583 or



  • Blue Violet Mansion
  • The Beazley House
  • Bonaventura Balloon Company
  • Other Wedding Locations


  • Sutter Home Napa Valley Marathon
  • World-Wide Mustard Competition Awards Ceremony
  • Taste of Yountville
  • Blessing of the Balloons
  • Annual Napa Valley Academy Awards Party
  • Weather Forecasts
  • Editor's Note

Many people have been asking for wedding location information, below are a few resources.

The Beazley House
For a wedding party of 22 people or less, The Beazley House offers an intimate and charming atmosphere with its turn-of-the-century mansion and beautifully landscaped gardens nestled between the Mansion and its Carriage House. We have well established contacts with the best local caterers, photographers and florists to ensure your wedding is memorable as well as unique. Please contact us for more information: 707-257-6972

Bonaventura Balloon Company
Imagine an innovative, delightful combination of traditional and new as hundreds of yards of colorful, silky fabric create a kaleidoscope canopy overhead. Picture the bride and groom in a lovely wicker basket as beautiful as ornaments on a cake, exchanging vows as champagne is toasted, the ropes are cut, and lifting off like a huge butterfly sailing on the wind! Owner of Bonaventura, Joyce Bowen, is a licensed minister as well as pilot, and can perform the ceremony either before or after take-off, high above the beauty of the Napa Valley.

Other Wedding Locations:
Chardonnay Golf Course, Napa
Bartels Ranch, St. Helena
Harvest Inn, St. Helena
Yountville Inn, Yountville
White Sulphur Springs, St. Helena
Find other locations here:

If you are visiting the Napa Valley area in March, here are our recommendations of interesting things to see and do:

March 5 -- Sutter Home Napa Valley Marathon
The race's Sports and Fitness Expo will be held at the Napa Valley Marriott on Saturday, March 4; the race will take place along the beautiful Silverado Trail from Calistoga to Napa on Sunday, March 5. A Napa Valley Mustard Festival Event. Fee: Call Time: Call Phone Number: (707) 255-2609

March 10 -- World-Wide Mustard Competition Awards Ceremony & Napa Valley Chef of the Year Mustard Recipe
Competition Features awards for the very best mustards from around the world! Taste Napa Valley's finest chefs' favorite mustard recipes as they compete for the top prize at the stunning Clos Pegase Winery. Wine, and music - an opulent opportunity! A Napa Valley Mustard Festival Event. Fee: Call Time: 7:00 pm Phone Number: (707) 259-9020

March 18 -- A Taste of Yountville
Yountville will flaunt its "gourmet roots" as part of the two month Napa Valley Mustard Festival. A community-wide open house.Tastings, demonstrations, entertainment. Fee: Tasting tickets sold on site , most demonstrations are free. Time: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm Phone Number: (707) 994-0904

March 19 -- Blessing of the Balloons
The launching of Napa Valley's colorful balloon fleet - a unique and exuberant Napa Valley Napa Valley Mustard Festival traditional. Domaine Chandon. Rain date: March 26th. Fee: Call Time: 6:45 am Phone Number: (707) 944-8793

March 26 -- Annual Napa Valley Academy Awards Party
"Play It Again Oscar." This years party to be held at the Japan Airlines facilities at the Napa County Airport. The hangers and tents will be dressed up ala Rick's Cafe/Casablanca. Legendary "Sister Sledge" will perform after the telecast. Napa Valley Aids Project and HIV Network Benefit. Fee: $50 General, $150 Black Tie Dinner Time: 5pm to Midnight Phone Number: (707) 257-8686

Weather Forecasts:
Check out this site for weather predictions, choose the San Francisco area:

more events
For more events in the Napa Valley area for the rest of 2000 please look through our extensive Events Calendar:

Time travel...

We travel for different reasons. Many people enjoy fine wine and food together - a good meal makes life worth living! Believe me, there's a lot of Great wine and food in Napa Valley.

As a casual student of history I began the 11 volume series "The Story of Civilization" by Will and Ariel Durant. By "The Renaissance," volume 5, I was overwhelmed by the grand ebb and flow of people and ideas. Similar to James Burke's "Connections," one idea and chance meeting begets another - for example, how the Crusades (among many other things!) got the Europeans traveling and tasting other cuisines, especially the spices. Thus began the push for a route to the Spice Islands and a quicker, easier route east through the Americas.

Coffee is thought to have originated in Ethiopia, oranges in Asia, black pepper in India, and from across the Atlantic, chocolate, vanilla, chili peppers, tomatoes and potatoes.

Long before the Crusades, onions and beer were widely consumed in ancient Egypt where they were fed to the pyramid builders, and the earliest examples of wine have been found in Iran, vintage 5400 BCE. (

Cultivation of wheat began around 7000 BC in the Middle East. Even before that, garlic was likely dispersed from the Kirgiz desert region of Siberia through China, Egypt and the Mediterranean by early hunter gathers.

Thus, when we sit down to even the simplest meal, we are casting ourselves around the Earth and back in time.

You are invited to a join us in the Napa Valley for a culinary pilgrimage, or enjoy our wines at your table until you can visit.

Bon appétit!

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