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Author Topic:   GOOFY ? ABOUT WINES
posted 01-15-2013 08:31 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for yesilovewine     Edit/Delete Message
WEll, all I can say is that you have made some pretty interesting assumptions!
Just so you know, the wineries are well known facilities; one from each county of Napa ( Sutter) and Sonoma ( Sebastiani). The tour at Sebastiani is pretty interesting; be sure to take pictures of the old Barrel Room.
Enjoy your visit and don't overthink the wine thing...


Junior Member
posted 01-11-2013 09:31 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for knewton64   Click Here to Email knewton64     Edit/Delete Message
Thank you to all for your kind suggestions as to learning about "wines 101." With your help, I finally have the answer to my elusive question.

And, thought I would throw the below out and see what everyones opinion is:

I have this theory and it's just that - a theory about wines.
And it has to do with one's choice of beverage at breakfast time &
what is one's favorite soda to drink.

So depending of what one's answer is to either one of those two ?s will then set what kind of wine you like to drink.

For example, if one like to drink O.J. during breakfast time, then one is more apt to drink say either a red Full-bodied wine or possibly even a blush white wine.

Moreover, if one prefers a light colored soda (Sprite for example) over a dark (Coke or Dr Pepper), then IMO one wud prefer or lean towards a red colored wine.


What happens if you drink tea???????

Well, IMO, one would have a prefential towards a light to medium red or white wine.

AGAIN......this is just a theory.

I have been asking a lot of questions about wines these past few days &
from what I can see, I also can tell IMO that the enviornment also sets the mood for what kind of wine a person would want as well.

1) For example, IMO I would highly reccommend a Bunratty honeyMeade wine while over in Ireland.
(you can taste the honey from the Meade & it has a slight after-kick)

2) and then a Mead (no 'e' at the end of Mead) while visiting the Scarborough Faire Festival
(makes ya feel like the 'bar scene' from the original "The Hobbit" movie!!)

So, when I am over in SO CAL in these next few months, based upon my initial liking of semi to sweet wines (like the Texas Rose wine @ the Delaney Vineyards; Grapevine Texas) - I feel that my likes are more learning towards the Light to Medium side of red wines (a Merlot) followed closely behind by the Pinot Noirs.

and yes, I can handle the Chardonnay side of the whites ......

but I can tell that since I like Dr Pepper ALOT.........
(a dark colored soda)

Guiness on the beer side......................
(a dark colored beer)

This is why I lean towards the Red side of wines.

AGAIN......just a theory.

Now onto the rhealm of Napa Valley:

Looks like (unless they change it) YMT vacations will be visiting the Sebastiani Winery & Sutter Home Winery; which is good so my last day on this vacation is now settled. (I am part of a YMT vacations group going to the Rose Bowl, Napa Valley, etc in Dec '13).
and yes -

Again, thank you for your input.

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posted 01-02-2013 07:32 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for yesilovewine     Edit/Delete Message
Hi Kris.
You sound a mite overwhelmed already, but this is a good place to find patient assistants. This group is full of fun folks with lots of wine drinking experience.
First, IMO you have a lot of very basic questions that you would like answered, and I think that you would do well to take a gander at the following tutorials to help unscramble you. First, winecountrygetaways.com has a good tutorial in their site, as does winecountry.com. Wineroad.com used to have a good one but they've changed their format so I'm not sure if its still there. Use the drop down tabs to locate the topics that interest you- they usually have names like Wine 101, Tasting Room...something like that
Next...if you live near a "Total Wine" store, they have a complimentary wine guide that is a couple hundred pages of excellent information about wines- types of wine, where they come from, what they taste like, what they pair with....just about anything you would want to know....and its free!
Next, the only real way to get to know wine is to drink it. You can read everything on the planet but until you put it in your mouth all those words mean zero because you have no reference points. So, before your trip, do some exploring. There are tons of articles about hosting a wine tasting party,and what a fun way to learn! And, there is an article some where called "how to be a wine expert in 28 days"...or something very similar to that, and its a very easy to follow suggestion for a program to teach yourself about wines- what you like, how to understand how the jargon applies to your palate, the different kinds of wine and how they differ, stuff like that. Again, its free for the using, but the wine etc will cost you a few bucks.
Since you have already seen some possible choices from their menu, put those wines at the top of your personal tasting list and start with there.
Wine isn't an exact science...its really about what works for you, so just learn what you like and you'll be fine. Good thing is that you have lots of time to teach yourself!

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Junior Member
posted 01-01-2013 02:05 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for knewton64   Click Here to Email knewton64     Edit/Delete Message
Hi everyone!

My name is Kris and I well......I am all thumbs when it comes to wine.

I am discovering that I like Meade, Mead as well as red or white semi-sweet to sweet wines.

That being said, I have a 10-day Dec 2013 Rose Bowl adventure (includ Napa/Sonoma)just ahead for me & am trying to understand more about the wacky world of wines 101 so I don't come across as either overwhelmed or as an idiot while out there.

Pulling my questions/comments from my blog I have (that I also plan on posting here as well) they go like this:

From my very first experience in "wines 101" earlier this year, I discovered that I like sweet or semi-sweet wines; be it red or white.


In preperation for Pappadeaux's Restaurant in or around Febr 6th area, I am discovering
that there are "sub-sections" of wines!!

Meaning - there are riesling, sauvignon blanc, chardonnay, blush (on the white side)..........

ya have Pinot Noir, Merlot, cabernet Sauvignon,etc of the Red side!!

(what does each mean??)

I have tried chardonnay white wines before BUT.........
(it was ok.....didn't really grab my attention but was ok)

I am wondering what semi-sweet or sweet wines (RED?) would you suggest for a seafood meal (say shrimp) while out in the SO CAL area (ultimately why I am trying to research this). The reason why I am asking this rather Goofy ? is that I have a desire to taste different wines that are local to the area; after all - California is the #1 ranked state in producing wines & I would like to be enjoying local assorted wines with local food.

I mean Gheesh la Weesh, I remember as a kid that whenever our whole family would go out to eat at a local restaurant......
say at a Mexican restaurant........

I would order a CHEESEBURGER while there.

And I rreealllyyy wwaaaannnaaaa BREAK that trend.

while looking at the Pappadeux's menu,
I have looked at (a white chardonnay) 'Cakebread', Napa Valley & (a white wine Riesling) J. Lohr "Bay Mist" ; Monterrey California & they seem to initially grab my attention.

Any others??

[B]ok......hope the above makes sense. Also, I get a feel that I will be part of a Napa / Sonoma Wine tasting on my last day & wondering what wineries would we be visiting.

Overall, I am just concerned about buying (for example) a dry wine w/my meal (or when at a wine tasting) and just getting stuck with a bad wine.

Can some kind sould point me in the right/ general direction??

Thanks 4 listening as I am seeing now that Napa Valley isn't just for tasting wines - it's an experience!"

(this will be my very first trip into San Fran & wine country VIA 'YMT VACATIONS' in 362 more days) -


[This message has been edited by knewton64 (edited 01-01-2013).]

[This message has been edited by knewton64 (edited 01-01-2013).]


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