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Making a New Year’s resolution is always far easier than actually keeping one. Here’s a quick guide to help you finally succeed at what millions fail to do each and every year.

1. Set Realistic Goals
Don’t try to achieve something you know you cannot do—you’re setting yourself up to fail. If you want to get more exercise, don’t set the goal of getting two hours of exercise each day unless you can really do it. Be reasonable with yourself.

2. Set Specific Goals
Don’t just say “I want to be healthier.” Be specific. Set a goal to reduce your cholesterol by 10% or lose 25 pounds. These are goals that you can work into your daily life.

3. Set Measurable Goals
It’s hard to determine if you are making progress on your resolution if you have no way to measure that progress. Resolving to “be happier” sounds great, but how do you measure that you are happier? Resolve instead to spend three hours per week sculpting or reading because those things make you happy. If you want to lose weight or lower your cholesterol, set a goal in numbers.

4. Make A Plan
Once you’ve set your goal or made your resolution, write out a plan that that maps out the path to your goal. If it’s weight or cholesterol, create a chart to show your progress.

5. Remind Yourself
Keep your resolution or goal in the front of your mind as much as you can. Write it out and post it where you spend most of your day—your desk, the kitchen—wherever you will see it constantly.

6. Get A Coach
You will hit periods where you slip or don’t make progress. Enlist someone close to you to give you the positive reinforcement you need to get back on track.

7. Reward Yourself
Give yourself a pat on the back each time you make progress. Think positively. Don’t be frustrated. Keep working at it every day. Attitude is more than half the battle.

8. One Day At A Time
Remember that you won’t achieve your goals all at once. You need to accept that it will take time and that any measurable progress is in fact progress. Remember that when you add up all the days of seemingly little progress, it equals a big step toward that goal.

NOV/DEC 2004

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