A Pairing of Wine and Livermore

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  • on SEPTEMBER 30, 2008
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livermore_TastingRm2.jpgBy Jessica Beck
As submitted by Tri-Valley CVB

A relationship has transpired over the years between Livermore and the full and vigorous wines of the area. The Livermore Valley serves California as its oldest wine region but what is even more unique and special about the area lies in the connection between the two. Over the decades, a rapport has developed in which one supports the other and one in which each would not be what they are without the help of the other.

In 1997, the city of Livermore adopted the South Livermore Specific Plan which to date has permanently preserved over 5000 acres of vineyards. Livermore has supported the wineries over time and is very proud of the resulting outcome that is now the Livermore Valley Wine Region. The number of wineries within the city limits grows every year and the excitement about the area only increases with time. The Livermore Valley serves as the host city to more than 40 wineries. Wineries from areas such as Castro Valley, Sunol, and Pleasanton all have a home with the Livermore Valley Winegrowers. The relationship between the two is exemplified with the fact that close to 30 wineries are within a five minute driving distance from City Hall. As the number of wineries grow alongside the vibrancy of the City, it is clear both are results of each other.

livermore_katzWinery.jpgAlong with the sheer number of wineries in the area, another piece that makes the region unique is the experience that comes with the wine here. t is common to enjoy a day of wine tasting at the tasting rooms and instead of being informed by unknowing servers, one is enlightened by the winemaker themselves. The personal connection that is brought between the wine, wine maker, and the wine drinker is inimitable and to many, unforgettable. The tasting rooms offer an ability to bring family and friends along to picnic on the grass and enjoy the beautiful weather of the region. Livermore also offers a unique experience of being able to wine taste in the heart of the downtown at Blacksmith Square. This provides, not only a comfortable setting surrounded by shops and restaurants, but also live music and entertainment. With the Bankhead Theater and Cinema just a walk away, one could easily make a weekend trip or longer out of the location.

The Livermore Valley is proud of its relationship with the wineries and the winemakers. Time has only built onto the richness of the area by adding more to the community filled atmosphere of the many family owned and operated wineries and tasting rooms. The pairing of the area and the unique wine is one that is not replicated anywhere else. A relationship as long lasting as this can only improve over the decades and the excitement of what is to come out of this partnership is one we are looking forward to.



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