ABC Deems Label Too Titillating

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  • on JULY 28, 2009
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cycles_glad.jpegBy Courtney Cochran

Alabama’s Beverage Control Board apparently didn’t like what it saw when its members spied the label on Cycles Gladiator wines, which feature an 1895 Parisian poster of a nude woman and a bicycle. So much so, in fact, that the board banned the wines from store shelves throughout the state. Joey Kennedy, columnist and blogger for Alabama Live, was quick to call the board “prude” and even went so far as saying he thinks naked women ought to be able to “sell anything.” But it seems that in Alabama, naked women – including those on tasteful 19th Century art posters – can’t do much, least of which sell wine. Pornographic? Puhleeze!
Owned by Central Coast-based Hahn Family Wines, Cycles Gladiator is a whimsical mid-priced brand ($10-$18/bottle) with an impressive 600,000 cases sold in 50 states since the brand’s 2006 launch. According to Hahn pres Bill Leigon, until now there’s never been a problem with the label image, which features a nude woman in profile with flowing long hair. ; But that all changed when someone allegedly complained to the ABC about the image, which the board has now dubbed – essentially – pornographic. Fortunately, with just 500 or so total cases sold in Alabama each year, it doesn’t look like Hahn’s bottom line will be too adversely affected by the decision. Weigh in with your own thoughts here! Too bare or not too bare?



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