Amazon Gets Out of Wine Game – Before Ever Getting In

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By Courtney Cochran

A proverbial bomb dropped in the wine world late last week when online sales giant notified erstwhile winery partners it would no longer be getting into the online wine sales business. Reactions to the news ranged from astonished to relieved, with many speculating the cause of the ouster can be traced to fulfillment partner New Vine Logistics’ recent bankruptcy and pressure from the government to prevent so-called third-party wine sales. Loss for Industry?
Relief is likely being felt by potential wine sales competitors, who no doubt feared the pressure that would accompany Amazon’s aggressive pricing tactics and superb customer service offerings. Yet more than one authority in the wine world has heralded Amazon’s departure as a real loss to the wine industry – particularly where online sales of wine are concerned – as the Internet sales powerhouse may have had the clout and determination necessary to force change in our nation’s admittedly complicated and archaic wine shipping laws. For now, this hope has turned back into fantasy – and who knows when we’ll see another promising newcomer with potential for change like Amazon?



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