Benziger Swaying With The Palm

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  • on JUNE 19, 2008
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thepalm.jpgBy Robert Farmer

I’m typically not a “chain” guy, when it comes to restaurants. Indeed in most instances I avoid them by personal writ. But of course some chains are better than others. And some are cut from different cloth entirely. So it was when I entered for the first a couple summers ago The Palm Restaurant in Miami.

I knew the Palm was one of the most feverishly followed steak houses in the U.S., and I was eager to discover what all the fuss was about. Besides, with only 25 Palms in existence, this particular chain was decidedly “short” which made it easier to bend my own rule.
I was more than pleasantly surprised. The atmosphere was relaxed and sophisticated, the prime-aged beef tender and prepared to perfection. Even my wife, a non-carnivore, found much to like and appreciate. It was good enough to bring us back to about a handful of Palms locations since, each time finding the experience to be reliably memorable.

This summer, as it happens, there is a new, arguably more compelling, reason to visit the Palm again. The restaurant group has partnered with Benziger Family Winery to offer a series of “Green” wine dinners at which representatives of the winery will introduce guests to Benziger’s sustainable and organic winegrowing practices with wines paired alongside a special four-course dinner. The dinners are offered on select evenings at various locations around the country (for the complete schedule, check out the website:

Might just be time for me to sway on in again as well.




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