Biodynamism All the Rage, And A Little Email Rant for Good Measure

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  • on SEPTEMBER 19, 2008
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By Courtney Cochran

It’s official: If one more restaurant, winery or joe-hawking-specialty-wine-tours-in-Napa bloke signs me up for his mailing list without my permission I’m going to implode. Seriously. In fact, the email deluge has gotten so bad of late that I’ve been forced to take the proverbial pickax to my inbox, ruthlessly unsubscribing to literally dozens of unwanted distribution lists in fits of slash and burn clean-up. In spite of this furor, I have to admit that I still DO occasionally receive the odd piece of unsolicited email which I find – irritating though it is to admit – undeniably useful, at times even intriguing.

Biodynamism Comes to Life
Such was the case with a recent newsletter from Counter organic restaurant and wine bar in New York. I’ve been receiving the spot’s emails for some time now, and they’re always interesting enough to keep me from unsubscribing – a coup in my book. And this month’s Counter fare, it turns out, is particularly tasty: It contains links to videos of some of California’s foremost biodynamic winemakers, all shot earlier this year by Counter owner Deborah Gavito herself in our very own Golden State. Streaming from Organic Wine Journal’s web site, the videos are brief but fascinating glimpses into the wherewithal behind biodynamic winemaking, with testimony coming from the very winemakers whose commitment to this ancient technique is paying off in the bottle, vintage after vintage.

Click here to watch my favorite video of the bunch, featuring winemaker Mike Benziger touting the benefit of “insect highways” over insecticides. I’ll bite.



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