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By Robert Farmer I like opening big wines and I like big wine openings. So I was fairly pleased to hear the news of the long-anticipated retail outlet of Cellar360 in San Francisco recently. This is great news for anyone who, like me, loves to shop for wine and who happens to live in San Francisco. The shop opened in mid October and is built into a local landmark—Ghirardelli Square, and delivers a little slice of California wine country to the water’s edge of the City by the Bay. Cellar360 is a wine fan’s Valhalla: a wine club and retail establishment with an ever-changing menu of more than 200 wines from around the world on continual offer—each presented with the solid backing of a knowledgeable and friendly staff who are quick to point out subtleties and discuss likes and dislikes with patrons of any wine experience level. And beyond wine, the 360 experience includes alfresco dining on gourmet charcuterie and artisan cheeses in the Square. The opening of Cellar360 also serves as a cornerstone in the ongoing and fast-evolving refurbishment of Ghirardelli Square, bringing the beautiful, historic landmark back to its rightful prominence in the City I love.



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