Diary of A Sonoma Film Fest Junkie

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danakim1.jpgI pity the fool who missed the fabulous Sonoma Film Festival Gala celebration last night at Jacuzzi Winery. First things first – Jacuzzi Winery is an absolutely gorgeous venue, replete with a center courtyard that gives way to views of the vineyards and barrel chaix. My friends and I imagined grand weddings for ourselves (once we get that elusive proposal) in such lavish settings sans the gravel parking lot. Note to self: bring an extra pair of walking shoes so as to not break neck in 3 inch heels!

On to the more important things – The Food! There were definitely some crowd favorites. Sharing a table with a couple hailing from New York, we soon became fast friends comparing and advising which food stations not to miss and those to approach with caution. If you were unable to attend and savor such delectable bites yourself, I recommend going to the restaurant behind the fame or letting the company cater your next event. See below:

panini.jpgAlex’s Catering
Heirloom Tomato Bisque w/ Three Cheese Panini & Roasted Red Pepper Aioli
The night had an ever-so-slight breeze, so the bisque was a perfect warmer-upper. But it is the beyond-delicious panini that stole the show. Believe me – three paninis later I still had a hankering for more!  www.alexcatering.com

The General’s Daughter
West Coast Shrimp & Grits w/ Andouille Sausage and Tabasco Butter
Mind you, I’m a Southern girl by roots and while I like my grits with a firmer consistency, it should be noted that this dish was quite tasty. I was told by the chef that this is one of their signature restaurant dishes! Its alias outside the hoopla of wine country is simple “Shrimp & Grits”. Hats off to the chef! www.thegeneralsdaughter.com

Pike Place Roast
Yes, yes, I realize that Starbucks is not exclusive to Sonoma Wine Country. Nor would anyone peg them as typical wine country cuisine or beverage. However, tucked away in a corner of Jacuzzi’s vineyard vistas, I am so glad we did not turn up our noses at what most might term “fluff coffee”.  Starbucks has returned to their roots – good ol’ fashioned fresh roasted coffee. Just this week, they launched their newest coffee blend “Pike Place Roast”. Let me tell you – it’s gooooooood. And this from a girl who doesn’t like coffee! I can’t describe it, you’ll have to try for yourself. CLICK HERE to find a sampling van near you!

Da Bombe Desserts
White and Chocolate Cheesecakes
Small bites of cheesecake garnished with strawberries were a fitting end to our night. Creamy, soft goodness. The white had a tinge too much vanilla for my tastes, but the chocolaty smoothness of the traditional version: to die for…  www.dabombedesserts.com

Top all that with music, dancing, and the joys of people watching, and I’m still recovering from the wonderful night. But the 9 to 5 awaits, so…here’s a Sonoma Film Fest Junkie signing off.

Stay tuned for film details over the next couple of days. Or, better yet, buy a FESTIVAL PASS for yourself. There’s plenty of time to see the dozens of fresh indie films today, Saturday and Sunday!



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