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  • on OCTOBER 5, 2007
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by Robert Farmer So I’ve never been a huge subscriber to the “what wine goes with what food” school – I’ve always been a believer that if it tastes good and you enjoy it whatever you happen to be eating. But I am also aware that the equation will only get you so far, and in many cases the “right” wine not only pairs well with certain foods, it can also make that food taste better and more enjoyable. The vice-versa is of course true, too. Because tons of people aren’t like me (sadly), there is a great service available that helps take the guesswork out of pairing wine and food. And now, that service is available online. The intrepid folks at Wine That Loves custom bottle wines expressly intended to pair with specific foods and put that recommendation right on the label. For instance, “Wine That Loves…. pasta!” It’s a brilliant concept and they’ve now gone digital. So the next time you’re flummoxed by fish or stymied by steak, check out www.winethatloves.com and pair with confidence.



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