Egg on your face

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pizza_egg.jpegBy Deirdre Bourdet

Has anyone actually used this expression in the last thirty years? Kind of a shame it’s not more commonly heard, as I am a staunch believer that we could always use more ways to say we look foolish or ridiculous, and more opportunities to eat dishes with egg on them. Toast and salads are just the beginning–in Australia I hear they top hamburgers with a fried egg, like a cooked riff on steak tartare. In France, and now increasingly here as well, you see pizzas crowned with runny-yolked eggs. If you’ve not yet experienced this combination, your life is empty and meaningless. Get thee to a pizzeria immediately. I recently went on a bit of an egg pizza bender, inspired by lunch at Seattle’s Serious Pie (Tom Douglas’ casual pizza joint). Perfect blistered crust from their 600 degree applewood-burning oven was topped with roasted porcini mushrooms, not one but TWO farm-fresh eggs, and a tangle of tender wood violets. Gooey, earthy, chewy, and fresh all at the same time, this thing was fabulous with a glass of earthy dolcetto d’alba to wash it down.

On my way home the next day I went straight from the airport to Azzurro Pizzeria for another hit of eggy pie. I’m a huge fan of their manciatas, which are just plain pizza dough topped with a bit of cheese and a big leafy salad that you fold up and eat like a pita sandwich. Adding an egg to the mix took the arugula salad version to a whole new level and I blissed out again, this time with a glass of Baker Lane Sonoma Coast pinot noir in hand (which was also perfect with their balsamic roasted fig bruschetta).

You needn’t despair if your local pizza place doesn’t offer the oeuf topping, though. I love to throw eggs on Trader Joe’s little Bambino pizzas–a sunny side up egg fits perfectly on top and also gives you an awesome yolk-to-pizza ratio (plus it costs about $1.20).

The only thing foolish about having egg on your face in this context is that you didn’t get it all in your mouth.

Serious Pie,

Azzurro Pizzeria,



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