From Bottle to Bulletin Board

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Cuvaison_cork1.jpgBy Courtney Cochran

Cuvaison gave new meaning to recycling when it kicked off its National Cork Recycling Program at last month’s Food & Wine Classic in Aspen. Reps for the sustainable Napa winery – which utilizes solar power and is certified Napa Green – collected more than 5,000 corks at the swank Colorado festival and say their efforts were rewarded with choruses of ‘It’s about time!” and ‘Great idea!’ from fellow vintners. Great Idea, Indeed
Cuvaison President Jay Schuppert reports corks will be sent to Yamm & Hart, a recycling company that turns natural corks – which are 100% recyclable – into so-called self-sustaining products including flooring tile, insulation, shoe soles and, yes, bulletin boards. The Cuvaison team collects corks with specially designed cork recycling boxes and burlap sacks emblazoned with the words “Cuvaison Estate Wines Recycles Corks” (how’s that for clever marketing schtick?), which should be showing up at restaurants and other festivals throughout the year. Cheers to them for blazing the way with this important project! Click here to see a video about the kickoff.

PS Don’t miss the winery’s brand new tasting room in Carneros – sustainably and stylishly built, natch – and newly refurbished tasting room in Calistoga. Check them both out here.



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