Getting Pinched in Oregon

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  • on JANUARY 23, 2009
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By Robert Farmer

If you’re like me you’re by now a little tired of hearing about how bad things are economically in the world. And if you’re like me, you probably help ease the sting of the daily bad news by indulging in good glass of wine or two at day’s end – every day’s end. But when it happens that the bad economic news is also related to wine, it leaves one not knowing where to turn. So it goes with my friends in Oregon, who have toiled tirelessly in the past two decades to build their reputation into one of sterling stature among the world of wine drinkers only to be hit most acutely by the global financial downturn. News recently of the recession’s impact on Oregon’s wine industry was troubling and, hopefully temporary. But I also view as a compliment. Because so much of the wine produced in Oregon–especially the pinot noirs for which the state has become near synonymous–is higher end, they are of course enduring a decrease in sales as wine buyer trade down to save a buck. Though some local winemakers are describing the crisis as the worse they’ve seen, my expectations remain great that Oregon vines will soon again yield lucrative fruit.



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