Guess Who Sports the Top Toque in the White House?

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  • on MARCH 5, 2009
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hail-to-the-chef-01-af.jpgBy Courtney Cochran

As is tradition, the Obamas appointed no shortage of new cabinet members and White House staffers when now-President Barack assumed the executive office earlier this year, though one important post went unaltered:  that of White House chef.  Turns out that Cristeta Comerford, a young Filipina mother, has run the White House kitchen since she assumed the post of top toque under Laura Bush – and the Obamas are set on keeping her. 
Mother Knows Best
The first woman to head the White House kitchen, Comerford has been praised for her grace in adapting to the many palates that pass through the White House.  And – perhaps more important – she shares the first lady’s primary concerns when it comes to nourishing a family.  As Michelle Obama told the Associated Press: “Also the mom of a young daughter, I appreciate our shared perspective on the importance of healthy eating and healthy families.”  And it looks like Comerford and Obama’s efforts to make the nation’s top kitchen a healthful place will soon extend beyond just the purview of first family.  In a recent interview in Vogue magazine, Michelle enthused not only about the stellar sensibilities of her female chef but also about her plans to make the White House kitchen “a learning environment for our community.”  In keeping with the Obamas’ penchant for sharing their experiences via the Web and video, could this mean we’ll soon be watching video tutorials on healthful cooking from inside the White House?  

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