Honing Your Wine Frequency at 32,000 Feet

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By Courtney Cochran

Admit it:  You’re seriously considering packing a parachute if you have to watch another G-rated animated flick on your redeye to Boston.  

But don’t bail out just yet, frequent flyer.  

When popular wine podcast Graperadio (graperadio.com ) becomes available to American Airlines’ Business and First Class passengers beginning in February, it’ll allow air travelers the unprecedented opportunity to bone up on interesting topics like wine history, wine drinking and wine etiquette courtesy of the airline’s in-flight entertainment players.  And besides the usual “Wine 101”-type content, the 30- and 60-minute program segments will also feature interviews with high-profile wine industry luminaries such as Margrit Mondavi (telling the Mondavi story from her point of view, rather than that of a certain book author), Gaia Gaja of Piedmont’s acclaimed Gaja family, and Frederick Paniotis of Champagne’s venerable Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin.  

Here’s to Flying the Much Friendlier Skies
Together with the recent launch of the Vino Volo chain of airport wine bars, the high altitude debut of GrapeRadio signals a welcome new direction in air travel.  Thankfully, one that precludes packing a ‘chute. 




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