Italy Wine Country – An Ideal Lunch

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atgallo.jpgBy Courtney Cochran

Though hard-core travelers may protest, I simply cannot hide this truth:  my favorite thing to do while traveling is to partake in unapologetically long lunches.  And so when in sunny Puglia in Italy’s south, rather than spending our days zipping between typical tourist haunts such as churches, ancient villages and other points of interest, my boyfriend and I spent more hours than I care to recount lingering over exceedingly long lunches. 
The best of them went down at a lovely spot called Gallo Restaurant on the harbor in Trani, an achingly cute town on the Adriatic coast known popularly as “the Portofino of the south.”  There, we enjoyed an awesome lineup of almost unbelievably fresh seafood along with a perfectly matched rosé from Tormaresca, the reliable Puglian producer whose wines appear on nearly every wine list in the region.  Thanks to the rain outside – the Pugliese have a fierce dislike of bad weather – we were the only guests at Gallo that afternoon and received impeccable service above and beyond any I can recall in recent memory.  As you might imagine, between the amazing food, perfectly paired wine and whiffs of salty sea air from just outside the door, we were in long-lunch heaven.  

ideallunch.jpgCould we have taken up permanent residence at our table, we very well might have.

Pictured:  Us with the owner of Gallo, and our lunch




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