Soothe Your Cares Away: Hot Water Spots

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calistogaHotSprings.jpgIt’s 90 to 100 degrees outside and one of the best ways to relax is in a pool, tub, or creek of hot water? I guess if you’re inside with air-conditioning or doing a night-time soak when the air has cooled, then by all means INDULGE.

San Francisco Chronicle recently named 5 California places to attain such nirvana.

  1. Calistoga Spa Hot Springs – Calistoga
  2. Esalen Institute – Big Sur
  3. Vichy Springs – Ukiah
  4. Watercourse Way – Palo Alto
  5. Hot Creek – Eastern Sierra
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Or start planning your trip at that has a list of spas in wine regions across California. Napa Valley, in particular the town of Calistoga, is known for their hot mineral waters!