Pet Friendly Places in Mendocino

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hairyPutter.jpgJust about everyone has a blog nowadays – folks regaling us with tales of the seemingly mundane to corporate folks trying to mask boastful claims of their oh so great products. Today, I came across a blog written by Hairy Putter.  Who’s that you might ask?

Oh, just a roving canine reporter in Mendocino. He has been tasked with giving “first paw accounts of his experiences during visits to various establishments or locations that have advertised themselves as being ‘Pet Friendly‘ ” in the local area. 

With an adorable mug shot and detailed reviews, perhaps more of his buddies will join the reporter blog ranks and tell us pet friendly places in other wine areas! Below are just a few excerpts from recent reviews:

RAVENS Restaurant at Stanford Inn by the Sea (Excerpt)
Ravens delivers on its promise of a satisfying dining experience for canines and humans. The staff at The Stanford Inn were warm and welcoming. The other diners all seemed comfortable and approving of my addition to their dining experience. Service was attentive but relaxed, honest answers were forthcoming from the wait staff concerning suggestions and recommendations.

Ravens does not have a special canine menu due to their concern for the sensitivity and unique diets of the canine dining guests, but there are plenty of human options we’ll want to share. Ravens and the Inn are more than willing to work with our human caretakers to provide us with appropriate food, especially if given advanced notice.

Goldeneye Winery Review Excerpt

Recently a dear Yorkshire Terrier girlfriend of mine, Miss Ruby, and her caregivers came for a visit. My dads decided to take us all for a trip to some pet friendly wineries in Anderson Valley.

After a picturesque 45-minute ride down from the coast through the redwood forests we arrived at our first winery of the day, Goldeneye. This winery has a world wide reputation for excellence in producing award winning Pinot Noirs.  READ MORE

*To follow along on more of Hairy Putter’s travels, go to:

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