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  • on APRIL 27, 2009
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By Robert Farmer

Yes, it’s a big job. But somebody’s gotta do it. Well, more precisely, we all gotta do it–or at least we all should be doing our part to preserve Mother Earth.  This month’s ongoing theme of environmental stewardship brings to mind all the many and various ways we impact our surrounding environment.

Because one my favorite things to is to drink wine, I increasingly find myself considering what that means in terms of my so-called “footprint”–carbon or otherwise. With every empty bottle I send to the recycling bin, I think about what it took to get that bottle into my home, and what it will take to get it from my bin to its next incarnation.
The concept of the complete cycle is, in my estimation, where the rubber meets the road when it comes to being “green.” While it’s a great start, wineries who employ biodynamic farming practices (and their numbers are happily increasing) are doing only part of what they should do to reduce the overall impact a bottle of their wine has on the environment. Sustainability can and must close a complete cycle–from concept to consumer.

I do realize this is an enormous undertaking and, as noted above, something more people are aware of thanks to initiatives like Earth Day/Month. I am happy to see wineries in increasing numbers undergoing the necessary transformation to be good environmental citizens. As a consumer and a wine lover, it’s helpful to know there are choices being made long before I select a bottle of wine that helps make my choices better for my planet and me.

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