Outstanding In the Field, Indeed

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By Courtney Cochran

With all things locavore taking off faster than you can say “farm fresh,” it comes as no surprise that today’s diners are itching to get closer to their food sources.  And though most restaurateurs are hard pressed to literally bring the farm to the table (though this phrase gets tossed around far more often than it should), it turns out we CAN in fact take the table to the farm. Bridge to Locavore Paradise
Enter Outstanding In the Field , a ten-year-old Santa Cruz, CA-based organization whose founders describe it as “a roving culinary adventure.” Specializing in elaborate meals that take place at the source of food and wine production – past excursions have taken place at farms and ranches, in gardens and sea caves, and on mountain tops and islands – Outstanding In the Field facilitates a far closer communion with our food than any restaurant can hope to achieve (besides taking place adjacent to foods served, meals are often attended by producers of featured foods, too). And with an astounding 54 meals scheduled for 2009 (up from just 14 in 2007) in locations across the US and eastern Canada, there are now a wealth of opportunities for local-loving foodies to experience a truly local meal more or less in their own backyards.

PS: Prices aren’t exactly cheap (most meals are priced around $200/head), but then again no one said being a locavore was easy.



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