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  • on MAY 20, 2008
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rmondavi.jpgBy Courtney Cochran

Growing up in a small town in Central California, good wine was difficult – if not downright impossible at times – to find.  And since I had the good fortune of having parents with a European sensibility when it came to sharing wine with their kids, I developed a good enough palate early on to feel the pain, so to speak, when the vino on the table wasn’t up to snuff.
Lifeline to Good Wine
It was around this time that I learned about the power of Robert Mondavi wines.  Widely available – even in my so-called unsophisticated small town – and always of good quality, Mondavi’s wines were a lifeline to a better quality of life:  Their consistency meant that we could count on having good wine on the table any day of the year, at prices that weren’t wholly out of synch with our lifestyle.  And while Mondavi’s wines were still a splurge for many Americans, the experiences they delivered to countless folks who were just learning about the joys that great wine and food can bring – the good life, really – were priceless.

So here’s to Robert Mondavi – who passed away quietly last Friday at the age of 94 in his home in Yountville – for leading Americans not just to a better glass of wine, but – in many cases – to a more pleasurable life. 




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