Recession Proof?

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  • on MARCH 11, 2009
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domperignon96.jpgBy Robert Farmer

You see the term “recession proof” tossed around a lot these days. Yet increasingly things that have been deemed to be so are turning out to be anything but. And so it was with great curiosity that I saw an item recently proclaiming select French wines to be valiantly resisting the downward economic trend. According to the global wine search website Wine, French wine has remained in high demand during this downward spiral into the financial abyss. Based on the data collected by the world’s largest and most widely used wine search engine, shows that houses like Lafite, Margaux, and Dom Perignon remain in hot demand across the globe.

Furthermore, based on the trend data the site predicts 2009 will remain a good year for high-end wine demand. Seems like this is contrary to a lot of what we’re hearing – that even the upper echelons of the wine industry have not been able to escape the sad fate. But I guess nice to hear that there indeed are some areas that are able to find refuge from the storm.

 Or, perhaps more likely, it’s true what they say: When the going gets tough, the tough go drinking. And if you’re trying to forget a bad day on the stock market, you might as well drink something worth remembering.




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