Seeing Stars

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By Robert Farmer OK, so I couldn’t let this go by without acknowledging it. Because not too long ago in this space, I offered my humble insight into what I have long considered the most power-packed dining destination per square mile in the United States. And now my article about Yountville has proven prescient (if I may take a moment to strain my arm patting myself on the back) because recently the good people at Michelin Guides have concurred with my enlightened wisdom and bejeweled the tiny Napa Valley town with six — count ‘em, six!—stars. Impressive, right? Especially when you consider that you can walk from one end of the town to the other in ten minutes, while there are entire countries in Europe with no Michelin stars. During that ten minute walk you’ll of course pass the legendary French Laundry, which perhaps not surprisingly was re-awarded its three stars, accounting for fully half of the town’s star-count. But you’ll also pass Bouchon, Bistro Jeanty, and Redd, each of which received a star—Redd enjoying its first such accolade. But my recommendation of course is not to walk past this stellar collection of culinary star-power. It’s to go in and grab a table.



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