Stellar Sangiovese By the Glass, Guaranteed (Well, Almost)

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bg_drinks.jpgBy Courtney Cochran

Restaurant ratings giant Zagat – which provides user-generated reviews of restaurants across the US and in some well-traveled international cities – recently announced the debut of drinkwellTM (, the first online guide to restaurants dedicated to serving the highest quality drinks and drink service – and that includes wine. The new ratings system is a boon for anyone who’s ever wondered how an eatery fares not just in terms of what comes out of the kitchen, but also in terms of what comes across the bar.

Drinking Well Just Got, Well, Easier

After a late-2007 debut with ratings of establishments in just a handful of cities, the service has now gone nationwide, though many spots listed on the site are – unfortunately – yet to be reviewed. Reviews that are available include scores for each venue’s drinks (overall quality), service, atmosphere and cost. And though there’s never a guarantee a restaurant or bar will always serve good Sangiovese (or Burgundy, or Barolo, for that matter), the site should be a big help in assisting folks with an appetite for good wine in ferreting out those establishments that hit the mark more often than not.




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