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  • on JUNE 25, 2008
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By Robert Farmer

Portland, Oregon: If you care enough about wine to read websites devoted to it (this one, for example), I’m guessing you also care enough about food to use the Internet to learn and make better decisions about food. So let me tell you about my new favorite website. It’s called and it is one of the best among many food-related websites popping up from one end of the web to the other. Culinate is based in Portland, Oregon, a city currently enjoying a burgeoning chef-driven food culture. It was created as an “online community of people who are eating deliciously with greater awareness.” The site features insightful food-related news, well-written feature stories, opinions, blogs, and a zillion recipes. But one of its coolest features is the recently added farmers’ market resource page, which connects users to their local farmers markets with details, updates, and of course recipes.

The feature appeals to the growing mass of people who rely on farm-fresh ingredients sourced from local farms as the key to their home cooking. In the resource page, you can not only locate a farmers market near you, but also find innovative and helpful tips on how to use the stuff you find at those markets. The resource also offers tips on how best to shop at farmers’ markets, from working within a budget to the best questions to ask farmers at the market.

Good stuff. Check it out at




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