Sustainable Silverado

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By Robert Farmer

silverado.jpegIt can sometimes be tough to figure out with all the talk of “green” and “eco-friendly” trends bandied about these days, who is just talking and who is actually doing. There’s no other way to be green than to do, and so I think it’s important to give a “shout out” to those who are actually trying to make a difference. In Napa, the list of the former is large and growing all the time. And at the Silverado Resort (one of my personal favorites, thanks to the perfect melding of excellent wine, food, and golf), is now upping the sustainability ante with their recently implemented practice of comprehensive recycling.

In the past six months, according to the resort, Silverado has reduced its garbage total by half, through an all-inclusive program of recycling, waste diversion, and composting. The resort is now recycling everything from grass clippings (which are considerable) to food scraps (also plentiful), in additional to the typical practice of recycling such things as plastics and paper. The resort’s environmental programs also include such things as using renewable paper products and supplying housekeepers with sustainable cleaning solutions. The resort also uses a state-of-the-art water-saving irrigation system to maintain its two golf courses.

“We do everything we can to reduce waste – from buying products from local producers to offering meat and seafood that is harvested using the most sustainable practices available,” said long-time executive chef Peter Pahk. “Recycling food scraps is fairly new, and it is a logistical challenge, so we are absolutely delighted the program is showing such encouraging results after only six months.”

I offer kudos to Pahk and to the Silverado Resort, for understanding sustainability may not be easy to achieve, but once the practices are in place, they become not part of a trend but a way of life. For more, visit




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