The Book of Mondo

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It was released about the same time that the mega-hit wine-themed film “Sideways” came out, so Jonathan Nossiter’s documentary, “Mondovino” sort of got lost in the shuffle and was seen by only a fraction of the “Sideways” crowd. Too bad, really, because as a movie about wine, “Mondovino” is a far superior work in my humble opinion; far more effective in shedding light on the inner-circle snobbery of the wine industry—well beyond the simple catch phrase “no merlot!” made unjustly popular by “Sideways.” I strongly suggest making “Mondo” part of your DVD library. And now there’s something to add to your bookshelf. Nossiter recently released his first book, which he calls an “anti wine guide” that, like his film, pulls the wool back on the industry’s most influential critics and on the exorbitant pricing prevalent in the business. With an official launch in Bordeaux “Le Gout et le Pouvoir” (Taste and Power), sets out to democratize wine, taking to task such critics as Robert Parker who, in Nossiter’s view wields undue influence over the sale and price of wine. The book, said Nossiter in a statement, “is a call to find another way to talk about wine, to find words that include people, not exclude them.” That’s great stuff! Nossiter’s book is destined to make waves. If you can read French, you can get it now online ( The English version is slated for US distribution in late 2008.



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