The Sipping Point

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millennials.jpgBy Courtney Cochran

Ever since a 2005 Gallup Poll showed that – gasp! – twentysomethings were drinking wine in notable quantities, marketers have been atwitter about “what to do” with these radical new (read: young) enthusiasts.  And now, with the latest news that Millennials (those who’ve turned 21 after the new Millennium) prefer wine to beer, pundits seem unable to stop marveling at the revolutionary behavior of America’s youth when it comes to their drinking habits.
Pass the Priorat
But as a member of this group, I’ve seen my peers passing up beer for Brunello and eschewing cocktails for Cabernet for years now.  And as far as harbingers go, the introduction of so-called foodie culture to mass media outlets (ergo, The Food Network is now a major fixture on cable, folks) was a fairly obvious signal that wine couldn’t be far behind food in its popularity surge – especially given the media-loving nature of this group.  It’s also why what we’re seeing today isn’t so much a shocking shift in the drinking habits of young people as a natural progression in consumption customs among a generation enjoying the fruits of the almost unbelievably stellar quality of life in the Twenty-First Century.  

After all, Miller Light doesn’t pair nearly as well with premium grass-fed, free range beef as does an equally toothsome Napa Cab.  




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