Twarvest 09: Twitter to Broadcast Harvest in Napa and Beyond

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twitter_grapes.jpegBy Courtney Cochran

Just a few weeks ago I spent a half hour on the phone “tweducating” a long time wine industry veteran on how to use Twitter, the microblogging site that allows anyone to post 140-character-or-less updates on everything from food and wine to software and current events (the Iran political protests gained worldwide notoriety nearly instantaneously thanks to Twitter). After we’d noodled the nuances of hash tags, handles and what’s appropriate to post (hint: don’t tweet the details of your latest root canal; we REALLY don’t need to know you just got the novacaine), the subject of harvest came up. The Days and Nights…and Minutes…of Harvest
“Hey,” I said, having an ah-ha moment: “I bet someone will start a Napa 09 harvest topic on Twitter.” And what do you know, the very next day I received word that someone – Wilson Daniels, to be specific – would indeed be doing so. Apparently part of the Napa-based wine marketing firm’s ongoing social media push (I blogged separately about their very cool series of Wine Country videos, promoted heavily via Facebook), Wilson Daniels’ harvest Twitter topics will be identified by the following hash tags: #twarvest09 #crushnapa (follow and participate in the discussion by typing the tags into And though just how many fans will be interested in knowing about the micro-nuances of grape harvest timing remains to be seen (a sample posting could read, say, “It’s 6am and we’re CAFFEINATED! Pulling the grapes off the Excelsior Vineyard; looking plump, ripe and portending oh-so-perfect-Pinot-making!“), I, for one, am psyched about the increased visibility it ought to give to an activity that’s been, up until now, ridiculously removed from the end consumer’s wine experience.

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