Valencia Chefs & Spain’s ‘Nouveau’ Cuisine

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valenciaBlog.jpgThere’s more to Valencia’s cuisine, than rice and paella (over 64 varieties). ln fact, in recent years Valencia’s regional cuisine has come to the forefront of Spanish Gastronomy. lt’s no surprise that over a hundred cookbooks have been written on Valencia’s gastronomy and wines.

Gourmands will find culinary delights in Valencia the Capital, in remote corners of this beautiful region, or along the coastline resorts and villages. Each gastronomic experience is always accompanied with superb local prize winning wines, from pleasing dry whites to fragrant fruity reds.

Everywhere you go you’ll find 5 star quality restaurants, many featuring the Michelin prestigious Award. Some specialize in traditional hearty country dishes, while others have taken Mediterranean seafood to an avant-garde innovative elegant cuisine beyond your wildest imagination.

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