Westin Verasa Napa – Art Display for April

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  • on APRIL 10, 2012
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For the entire month of April, Westin Verasa Napa (hotel located in downtown Napa) revolving art’s gallery will display works of art from the Westin’s very own employees. What fun! See what inspires their Sommelier, Toni Johnson or Guest Services Agent, Jessica Jones.

Why not plan a short escape, stay at the hotel for some rest and relaxation and peruse the artwork firsthand! There are several specials and packages available. CLICK HERE.


Toni Johnson ~ Sommelier at La Toque
“I loved the simplicity of the candles when I was in the cathedral. The juxtaposition from the commercialized image on the actual candle and the beauty of the image struck me. There is also serenity in the image that is exactly how it feels to be in Notre Dame.”

Heidi Miersmann’s ~ Sales & Marketing

“My piece was inspired by ‘vacation’ and what it means to get away from everyday life. My favorite place to be when getting away from work is on a beach at sunset, which is why I love California so much. Such beautiful sunsets and miles and miles of coastlines. This photo represents the coast line in Costa Rica on my first trip there, and how beautiful the sun and water are in combination with a relaxing day.”
Ana Zuniga – Housekeeping
Jessica Jones – Service express agent
“I was experimenting with different mediums and was curious about using painters tape to make clean lines.  I also experimented with color and texture, this particular one wasn’t made with just a green paint, it was a combination of blues and yellows and white. I was going for a geometric feel and I wanted something that you didn’t just look at and pass by.  I wanted to make guests stop and look for a moment and see that the painting actually changes the longer you look at it.”




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