What’s the Partyline on Cocktails and Politics?

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  • on AUGUST 28, 2008
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As Reported by Sam’s Wine and Spirits

All eyes on politics! Unless you’re living under a rock, the country is in the midst of Democratic and Republican National Conventions this week and next. Brian Rosen (President of Wine and Spirits) reports that young people are on the political scene enthused and hosting their own parties while discussing the issues of their political party.

In fact, Sam’s Wine and Spirits has been receiving a high volume of orders and the breakdown across partylines is extremely interesting. See if your political affiliation and drink preference go hand in hand! DEMOCRATS:

Characteristics: Younger Demographic. Male and Female Equal. Seem to be hip, tech saavy and no surprise here “Ready for Change”.

Drinks of Choice: This week’s orders for the Democratic National Convention include high-end wines and champagne with food pairings of gourmet cheeses. At the same time, Democrats are also ordering value wines that deliver great taste but don’t cost as much.

More Details: The average price point for a red or white bottle of wine is $15-$25 and Veuve Clicquot the preferred selection when Barak Obama is scheduled to complete. Popular red wines include Ashland Park Cabernet and Arbor Highlands Merlot.  Whites include Egrit Chardonnay and EOS Chardonnay.


Characteristics: Older demographic.  More discount driven. Happy with the status quo.

Drinks of Choice: Orders for next week’s Republican National Convention are more focused on liquor and mixers. Classic drinks such as gin and tonic and rum and coke have been placed on order by the Republicans. Another favorite among the Republicans is domestic beers such as Miller products.

More Details: Champagne is the preferred choice of drink when McCain accepts nomination.



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