Wine Popping With Climate Change

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  • on JUNE 19, 2008
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climate2.jpgBy Robert Farmer

It’s easy to overlook just how pervasive the topic of climate change really is. Not everybody lives in the South Pole, where massive sheets of ice are breaking away at alarming rates and melting into the ocean. Not does the threat of coastal waters rising to overtake entire cities sway the minds of most people on earth.

But the fact is, climate change can and will impact nearly all parts of our current lives. Yes, dear wine lover, that includes wine. And so it was with a great interest that I heard the news recently of a planned Wine Industry Seminar on Climate Change, scheduled for July 31-August 1 at Gloria Ferrer Winery in Sonoma.
Though it may sound frivolous in light of the obviously more important and pressing threats of climate change (nee, Global Warming), the impact that a widespread and permanent modification to our climate on the wine industry can be deep and everlasting as well. The seminar in Sonoma endeavors to get a jump on some of these threats and challenges by addressing them head-on and in a serious–even academic–way. 

Organized by the Wine Academy of Spain, founders of the World Conference on Climate Change & Wine (, the event will examine such issues as how climate change impacts vineyards and winery operations–from transportation to shipping and packaging. Also part of the discussion will be outlooks for changes in pests and diseases in vines, and the prospects for the need for evolution of the industry in light of current climate change scenarios.

Though the seminar may not be the sort of thing the casual wine aficionado might attend – it is certainly relevant to a lifestyle that fan can appreciate.




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