World Series Wines Part II: Player/Pairing Mashup!

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By Courtney Cochran

We simply couldn’t help ourselves in pulling together wine pairings around our fav Giants players.  And why shouldn’t we?  We know that you’re almost as into watching our local team in the World Series as you are into quaffing the good stuff.  So with no further ado: The original San Francisco Giants Player/Wine Pairing Mashup!  

(Shout out: Thanks to my friends on Facebook whose tips helped make this piece possible!)

Tim Lincecum: Oregon Pinot Noir
Unless you’re a hard-core ball fan, you don’t often hear the phrase “perfect pitch” outside of a musical reference.  But thanks to Lincecum’s near-perfect form on the mound, we’re beginning to hear a lot more buzz about the phenomenon.  Still, the guy’s known almost as well for being undersized as he is accomplished, which is why we’ve selected Oregon Pinot as his pairing.  Fiercely talented but often overlooked and underappreciated, Oregon Pinot is making news these days as pros (critics) and fans (consumers) alike catch on to its talents.  To wit, look for silky tannins that recall – if we may – the waves in Tim’s famously long locks.

Buster Posey: Beaujolais Nouveau
As one of the youngest Giants, catcher Posey charms audiences with his youthful (dare we say “baby faced”??) visage, which means we’re looking to seriously young wines to pair with this player.  With the annual release of France’s Beaujolais Nouveau less than a month away, it seems only natural to pair the 2010 vintage of this popular wine with the youthful athlete.  Released every year on the third Thursday in November just weeks after it’s been harvested and fermented, Beaujolais Nouveau is the definition of a “young” wine.     Pablo Sandoval AKA “Kung Fu Panda”: Argentine Malbec
Serious Giants fans are in the know about the switch-hitting savvy of one Pablo Sandoval, nicknamed Kung Fu Panda by adoring fans who show their support for the Venezuelan by sporting furry panda hats on game days.  With this big-hitting player, we’re opting for an obvious – though no less delicious – vinous match: Argentine Malbec.  Known for being a bear of a wine (and “Latin” like our player, no less!), Malbec from the high-elevation vineyards of Mendoza boasts lots of body and plenty of verve, making this a stellar Series sipper!

Brian Wilson AKA Weird Beard Guy – Lodi Petite Sirah
There is something undeniably strange about a guy who dies his beard dark in an effort (so the rumor mill goes) to scare his opponents at bat.  But no matter: we love this eccentric power pitcher who famously claimed he was punished for “having too much awesome on [his] feet” when fined $1,000 for wearing bright orange spikes.  In light of his awesome strength and the new black beard, we’ve decided to pair Wilson with a brawny, inky-black Petite Sirah from Lodi.  Mega extracted, never tame and known for “scaring” your teeth black, “Pet” makes the perfect closer for this piece.  As we like to say, game on.




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