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Ever wonder what it would be like to make wine? Go behind the scenes with the Winemaker and Owner of Holman Cellars, Jason Holman. ¬†Join Jason on on this exclusive journey through the winemaking process while using your hands to help with barrel sampling, lab work, and production. You will enjoy tasting Jason’s uncommon wine varietals, along with cheese and charcuterie, during this one-of-a-kind experience.¬†While we promise that you’ll leave with a better understanding of wine and winemaking, we can’t promise that you’ll leave with clean hands. Don’t be afraid to get purple!
Holman Cellars is a small production, family-run winery, located in Napa. If you’ve ever dreamed of starting a small winery of your own, this is the perfect experience for you!

Experience Highlights

Winemaker Tour


Get Purple! Roll up your sleeves and help to make some wine! Take measurements and samples of active fermentations.
Jason and the Holman family are extremely friendly and willing to answer any questions you may have.
Barrel Tasting


Taste straight from the barrel. Experience wine in different stages and discuss what drives a winemaker to make decisions throughout the winemaking process.
Skip the glass! Taste right from the barrel.
Unique Varietals


We use unusual varietals, secluded vineyards, and unconventional production techniques, in order to provide the consumer with an unforgettable experience.
Make sure to ask about the Uncharted Wine Club for exclusive releases and experiments.

At a Glance

Tuesday - Saturday.
10 am - 2 pm
Takes place in Napa, CA
Meet host at 918 Enterprise Way, Napa, CA 94558
Tax is included
Gratuity is optional, if you love your experience!


We'll answer any winemaking questions you may have.
This experience is in a winemaking cellar, we recommend dressing in comfortable layers.


Our flagship brand of Uncharted Wines offers a unique experience to even the most seasoned of wine tasters and sommeliers.
Our small lots of 1-4 barrels make it possible to create new and exciting wines that mystify even the wine connoisseur.

Your Host:
Holman Cellars

Holman Cellars
With an annual production of less than 800 cases, Holman Cellars is one of the smaller wineries in the Napa Valley. Our boutique production wines go mainly to our mailing list, with a small percent withheld for visitors in the tasting room. We focus on small, off-the-beaten-path vineyards from the Eastern crest of the Napa Valley to the central valley and beyond. Dedicated to producing great wines year after year, we pride ourselves by always pushing the limits, using unconventional varietals, different barrel aging techniques to produce great wines that emphasize the terroir from which the grapes are grown.
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Reviews (4)

This experience was one for the books – unique, intimate, laid back, and with plenty of great wine. Our group was greeted by John who introduced us to our first interesting white, a 100% varietal Bacchus. We then made our way through the facility, seeing the tanks and learning about their fermentation process, all while sipping on another tasty white wine. As a former chemistry teacher and science geek, I absolutely loved hearing the science behind their winemaking and even getting the chance to see their small lab, where the wine making magic happens. After our tour, we sat down with Jason Holman, owner and winemaker, to learn his process on blending red varietals to create their flagship red blend. Between Jason’s storytelling, homemade bread, and hands on blending experience, we each walked away with a new found knowledge and appreciation for his thoughtful and in-depth wines.

I was excited for the unexpected elements of this winemaking experience- from joining the winemaker on a daily task to tasting their “uncharted” wines. I loved the mystery this brought to the experience. The wine was delicious, and it was fun and educational to start out by trying varietals from single grapes, and then practicing blending the varietals and experimenting with different percentages to create a red wine blend that our group enjoyed. John and Jason were our guides, and they broke down the winemaking process is a very approachable way. I learned more from this experience than I have in other tastings. I would recommend this to anyone looking to expand their wine knowledge and learn from talented and down to earth winemakers. This experience would also be delightful to oenophiles looking to surprise their palates.

What an incredible find in the Crusher District of South Napa! I found the approach Jason Holman and his crew take to wine making so refreshing amongst the old guard of Napa Valley. You going to come to Holman Cellars a newbie and leave as knowledgable friends. You begin with a tasting of their wines in the main tasting room then taken to the barrel room for a sit down blending seminar. This isn’t your typical, blah blah “here’s how wine is made” run down. Jason knows his stuff and he shares it with you! He isn’t classically trained wine maker and it’s awesome! He’s approach to wine making results in some incredible wines and he shows you how it’s done. Enjoy this hour long sit down is great for both new wine tasters and oenophiles looking for a new experience!

Unlike the myriad of cookie cutter tasting room experiences lining Highway 29, at Holman Cellars you get up close and personal with the winemaking process. Walk in a novice, Walk out armed and dangerous in the land of wine. But what really makes it special – besides the fantastic wines – is that you are sitting down with folks that are like family. Jason (the owner and winemaker) can regale you with tales of how he got into the business (it’s a funny one), who he’s rubbed shoulders with in the early days, and the cool things they are doing now (i.e. an incredible Sparkling wine that they only made a couple of cases of. In fact, at the time that I’m writing this, it may already be gone!). I would encourage anyone to sign up for this experience. The day our group went we learned how to blend wine and it was quite fascinating. But on another day you might be bottling wines, crushing grapes, or learning some other nuance of winemaking. It really is quite special.