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Top Ten Wine Country Gifts for this Holiday

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6. Holiday gift set Made in Napa Valley
Featured on the coveted “O” list in Oprah Winfrey’s O Magazine, Made in Napa Valley boxes up gourmet pantry goodies reflecting the flavors of the Napa Valley and signature cookbooks. Fabulous foodie treats and the recipes with wine pairing suggestions to compliment!
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7. Wine Dogs of North American Wineries
New books are always a great way to reward a wine country enthusiast. Especially great for the wine traveler and dog lover, Wine Dogs of North American Wineries will win their hearts for hours, with color photos of true winery dogs. Click here for details

8. Wine Games – the latest: Wine-opoly
Wine games are only getting bigger and better this year. Now your childhood favorite has a new twist, Wine-opoly! Just like the classic property game but with a wine theme. It will breathe new life into their enjoying wine at home. Click here for details

9. New Wine Drinkers- The Classic Decanter
For all those newbie wine fanatics, the classic decanter makes an excellent choice. staff certainly use theirs on a weekly basis. Pass along this must have accessory to them this season. Click here for details

10. Wine Club as a Holiday Gift
Always popular on the visitor list, Tra Vigne has a lovely “proposal table.” A little table surrounded by flowers and tons of candles. It is outside on their beautiful garden patio and availability depends on the weather, as well as which dates it has already been booked. This is still not that well known, so it is easy to get if you call soon!

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