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The Winemaker
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Santa Barbara, California
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The WineMaker

A compelling new series telling the personal story leading up to the moment where one becomes…The WineMaker.

WineMaker Episode

Greg Brewer

In this episode you will learn about Greg Brewer’s humble childhood growing up in California, to the fateful afternoon in college when a ‘help wanted’ posting opened Greg’s eyes to the world of wine, ultimately leading to meeting his partner, Steve Clifton and the creation of world-renowned Brewer-Clifton Wines.

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Do you hear it? Thats the processing of handpicked grapes getting filtered before fermentation. Its one of the first steps Greg Brewer mastered etcetera etcetera.

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The pungent odor of fermenting wine presents itself as the flavor begins to take shape. Brewer Clifton pays special attention to text keeps going here to the end.

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— POUR —

The perfection of Greg Brewer’s intense focus is apparent as each sip surprises the senses. And more text here about the topic so it wraps to a fourth line.

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Brewer – Clifton

“It is our primary goal and priority to deliver the essence of that vineyard as clearly and honestly as possible.”
Greg Brewer, Found & Winemaker

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Tasting Room
2367 Alamo Pintado Ave
Los Olivos, CA 93441
T 805.866.6080
Open Daily 11am to 5pm
329 North F Street
Lompoc, CA 93436
T 805.735.9184
By Appointment Only
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Comprised of 3D, Machado, Acin and Hapgood vineyards.


100% estate chardonnay from three vineyards all contribute.

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About the Winemaker Series

The Producers of the WineMaker created this series to connect you with with the people behind the wine. We hope the next time you see, open or taste a wine, you can share the story of the WineMaker

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