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Spotlight: Virginia Wineries

Virginia Wines
A Coming of Age

Virginia Wines - A Coming of Age Although wine has been produced in Virginia for 400 years, it is only in the past decade that Virginia wines have garnered national and international recognition. Spurred by Thomas Jefferson's love of fine wine and his cultivation at Monticello of classic vinifera varieties, a small wine industry arose in the early 19th century, but suffered setbacks during the Civil War and Prohibition. Wine production resumed in the mid -1970s and has soared since as winemakers refine production techniques. Today, over 60 wineries produce a wide variety of quality wines. Virginia now ranks as the 5th largest wine producing state in the U.S...

Extreme weather conditions and unpredictable rains at harvest time confront Virginia winemakers and grape growers with challenges, but growing expertise in grape and vineyard selection and harvesting practices has helped state winemakers produce consistently high quality wines. Virginia wines now win numerous awards at national and international wine competitions.


Spotlight: Virginia Wineries

Good News for Virginia Viogniers

Good News for Virginia Viogniers Three Virginia Viogniers were among 11 rated "outstanding" in the 2003 International Viognier Tasting. Horton Vineyard's 2001 Viognier, Michael Shaps' 2001 Viognier, and Chrysalis Vineyard's 2001 Viognier each received "outstanding" ratings in a very challenging competition featuring many of the world's top producers. The international event, held on March 9, was organized by the Virginia Wine and Food Society and hosted by the luxury hotel Keswick Hall at Monticello.

The main purpose of the event was to compare Virginia Viogniers with some of the best Viogniers produced in the world. While Virginia's Viogniers have done very well in recent national competitions and are widely acclaimed, the Virginia Wine and Food Society believes that rigorous independent tastings, such as those conducted by the Society, will help validate the quality of Virginia's wines to wine lovers in and outside the state.

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Spotlight: Virginia Lodging

Wine Country Limousines Tours
Safe and Affordable Wine Tasting Tours

Oasis Limousines - Safe and Affordable Wine Tasting ToursPresenting Wine Country Limousine Tours! Guests can now enjoy safe and affordable wine tasting tours to regional wineries, restaurants and cultural destinations. What a perfect way to experience the heritage and vineyards and wineries of the Commonwealth. Virginia Wine Country Tours offers a diverse selection of vehicles ranging from sedans, stretch limousines, HUM-V Limousines, mini-coaches and large motor coaches to transport you in safety and comfort! Leave the choice of wineries based on your palate, driving, directions, stress, and traffic to us while our drivers whisk you away to your perfect day!

Wine Country Tours is the only company in the World that has its Chauffeurs & Hospitality drivers trained by a University of California, Davis -- Enologist -- (the science of winemaking)! We are the true experts in Wine Country! Wine Country Tour guests receive special VIP treatment at participating wineries; such as reserved tastings, private tours and complimentary Hors D'oeuvres.

Wine Country Tours also offers wine tasting gourmet luncheons, corporate outings, romantic rendezvous, wedding transportation/coordination, anniversary, gourmet wine dinners, birthday, or night-on-the-town - or an evening on their Yacht with award-winning Virginia wines! Visit: for more information. Cheers!


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