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Courtney Cochran

Courtney is a certified sommelier, entrepreneur and author operating forward-thinking wine businesses Your Personal Sommelier™ and HIP TASTES Events™ in San Francisco, California.

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Robert Farmer

Robert Farmer has written has covered the complexities and subtleties of Wine Country for the past two decades. His career as a magazine editor, independent writer and public relations and marketing professional has provided him a unique perspective of and access to the people and places that make the wine industry work.

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Deirdre Bourdet

Deirdre lives to eat. A graduate of Paris' Ecole Le Cordon Bleu, she has at various points in her life taught horseback riding, researched hotels and restaurants for Zagat, battled US periodical customer service departments on behalf of Japanese subscribers, waited tables at Max's, translated live cooking classes in France, and advised major corporations on their employee benefit plans.

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