Mustard Festival

Catherine Bergen Adds Flavor and Spice to the Mustard Festival Marketplace

When the hillsides of Napa Valley become carpeted with the golden hue of mustard that signifies, celebration. The Marketplace, one of the premier events of the Mustard Festival, will be held at COPIA, The American Center for Wine, food and the Arts, March 17-18th, 2007. This year, cookbook author and founder of Made In Napa Valley, Catherine Bergen will be one of the highlights. A signature event for food and wine connoisseurs, The Marketplace will feature Catherine and other wine country chefs as they demonstrate their recipes and cooking techniques. Catherine will be cooking a variety of recipes from her recently published cookbook, Gourmet Every Day, and showcasing her award winning mustards and other Made In Napa Valley products.

Made In Napa Valley has captured the gold medal for their mustards in previous years and a bronze this year for their Herb Dijon with Chardonnay. This year the company has decided to have a little fun at the festival. They will be debuting some new mustard formulations–that are being considered for release this summer–and asking festival attendees to taste the new mustard flavors and vote on their favorites. This is a first for The Marketplace as seldom do manufacturers divulge proprietary products under development. Catherine and her team, who have been on the cutting edge of culinary creativity since beginning Made In Napa Valley, decided to involve the public in the mustard mania process. “What a better place to get people’s opinion on what mustards they like than at the Mustard Festival where true mustard fans gather to taste mustards from all over the world.” And how fun to invite them to be a part of our product development team by actually tasting our potential new mustards and help us decide which products to launch. And the Mustard Festival and COPIA just seemed to be the perfect place to do this,” Catherine said.

Since Dijon became the center of France’s mustard making region in the 14th century, and Maurice Grey invented Poupon five centuries later, mustard, once a condiment for kings, Louis XI traveled with his own pot of it, its popularity has grown almost as much as its flavors. The process and the ingredients of Dijon mustard are regulated in France and either a white wine or the juice from unripened grapes is used instead of vinegar.

Currently, Made In Napa Valley makes three flavors of mustard, each including a different wine varietal. Hot Sweet Mustard with Champagne, Herbed Dijon Mustard with Chardonnay, and Stone Ground Mustard with Cabernet Sauvignon are delightful blends of the popular condiment. On March 17-18, Napa Valley visitors will not only enjoy the breathtaking scene of the mustard on the hillside, but also will be able to sample the wide selection of Made In Napa Valley products.

Aside from the new mustard contest and cooking demonstrations, Catherine will also be happy to personalize the signing of her cookbook for you and answer any questions.

The Marketplace celebration begins at 11:00 AM and runs until 5:00 PM both days and will feature world famous wines and hearty brews, artisan foods and fine arts and crafts. Catherine will be teaching a cooking class followed by a book signing on Saturday at 2:30 and Sunday at 1:30. COPIA is located at 500 First Street, Napa, CA.

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