WineCountry Perks is a collection of “extras” offered by Partners to create differentiation and incentivize bookings of users. WineCountry Perks can include anything of value that allows businesses to stand out from their competition.


Perks should be minimal cost to the property, but present real added value to our users and incentives to book direct through the property’s website. Select at least 3 to 4 compelling perks that will entice users to book with you.

Best Practices

There are a variety of perks that users find “cool” or “tbd”. See the list of examples to right for ideas. Having writer’s block? Call our Strategic Accounts Team and let us tell you about the matador



  • Late check out / Early Check In
  • Wine Tasting Passes
  • Video Embed
  • 360-Degree TrueTours
  • Feature Highlights
  • Enhanced Amenities
  • Photo Gallery
  • Insider Tips
  • Related Onsite Amenities
  • More Article Features
  • Experiences
  • What’s Nearby

Mobile Only

  • Book Button anchored at bottom of screen
  • Click to Call functionality