4 Innovative Ways to Organize Your Wine Collection

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  • on APRIL 28, 2017
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Wine lovers shifting from casual collectors to serious connoisseurs often encounter the same problem: lack of storage. You have too many bottles to stash in your kitchen or a beverage cart but nowhere else to store them. That’s when you know it’s time to get innovative. Your love of collecting fine wines isn’t going to go away, so you might as well make the necessary modifications that allow you to enjoy picking out new wines instead of worrying about where to put them.

Here are a few creative ideas that will simplify your life and keep your love of wine from causing chaos in your home.

Stairwell Storage

stairwell wine cellar
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Sometimes running out of storage space is just a problem of logistics. You might have an entire room ready to devote to your wine collection but lack the time or resources to convert it. For many wine lovers, however, lack of square footage is the main obstacle to that extensive, organized collection.

If you simply don’t have the space, think of ways you could use wasted areas of your home. Under the stairway is the perfect example. Some stairways are home to storage closets or powder rooms, but many merely have one purpose. The unused nooks and crannies of your home may be full of potential, so look at your space with new eyes.

Should you decide to undertake a home improvement project yourself, make sure you’re doing it safely. Consult with a professional to be sure you’re won’t compromise the structural integrity of your home.

Tasting Room

tasting room
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If even a stairwell collection is thinking small—but a cellar is just a little too big-league—consider converting an unused room or area into a storage and tasting room. Whether you have extra space in your basement or a workout room that you only use the first week of January, you can convert it into the wine storage area of your dreams.

One important component to think about is your HVAC unit. The ideal storage temperature varies depending on the type, but regardless, you never want your wine stored in a stuffy or ice cold room. If you can’t seem to get even cooling and heating in your home, you may want to diagnose the problem before you invest in an extensive wine collection. Add insulation where needed, and consider consulting with both home renovation and wine experts if you really want to execute this project well.

Dining Decor

wine cabinet - dining decor
via Messiya

There’s no better motivation for bulking up your collection than knowing it will be on full display when you’re enjoying dinner with friends and family. By giving your wine storage a double purpose, you can save space and create an eye-catching decor element that will bring a unique aesthetic to your home.

When it comes to displaying your wine in the dining room, you could go with a wooden bar storage, shelves, or something more unique like the racks pictured above. You can DIY your own easily by upcycling reclaimed wood.

Customized Built-Ins

built in wine storage decor
via Kitchen La Vie Senior

Built-in shelves are a more economic use of space than wine cabinets or shelves that protrude from the wall. But built-ins don’t have to be straight and boring. Choose a unique design like these slanted shelves, and include features like LED lighting or a sliding cabinet door. You can find a simple storage solution that’s still unique to your stylistic tastes.

There are endless ideas for wine storage out there. Whether it’s a simple DIY project or a room remodel, the right solution for you will be one that allows you to keep collecting wines you love without worrying about cluttering up your home.

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