Celebrating The Art Of Champagne Sabering Fails

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Celebrating The Art Of Champagne Sabering Fails

By Hana-Lee Sedgwick November 28, 2018

You’ve seen the videos… wine professionals are shown gracefully sabering a bottle of Champagne in one fell swoop without ever so much as a flinch or break in composure. They make it look easy, right?

We admit that when done correctly, sabering Champagne is a great party trick that is sure to impress a few folks at your upcoming bash (especially if you use this chic WineCountry saber). However, mastering the art of sabrage isn’t quite as seamless as it seems and it may take a try or two, especially if you’re using a butter knife, iPhone, or a pot (yes, it’s been done before).

For a good laugh, we’ve compiled our favorite videos of Champagne sabering gone wrong:

Looks like the teacher needs a lesson in sabrage.

Hmm… maybe next time invest in a better knife.

This isn’t quite how they pictured it going.

Okay, so who’s the smart aleck who glued the cork on?

Note: don’t put your sparkling wine in the freezer. Hence, the explosion.

We’re thinking that tap shoes should just stay on the feet.

We don’t know about you, but after that we’re feeling pretty inspired to finally buy a proper saber! Next, we’ll teach you how to saber a bottle of Champagne so you can be the hero of your next party (and hopefully avoid being captured in slow motion ruining a perfectly good bottle of bubbly). For reference, here’s how it should look:

And a how-to video explaining it from an expert:

Stay tuned for more sabering tips from WineCountry.