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deeridgegroup.JPGBy “The Sipping Savant”

In the Wine Country, hoisting a wine class for a toast as simple as “Cheers” is a regular occurrence, but at one Livermore Winery you almost feel as though that should be the name of the winery too!

Carl & Cherie Lyle built a great story and now a winery, Deer Ridge; and it feels like they built it just for their friends.  Almost everyone that works there is a friend or neighbor with ‘day jobs’ that aren’t as much fun as helping people learn and enjoy wine. The Art Gallery artists are friends and the Musicians that play for them are their friends.  The Artists and Musicians bring their friends, and the ‘circle’ grows.  The party in the tasting room is every day, as they all share Carl & Cherie’s wines with their ‘friends’ fiends’.  Most of the Winery Club members prefer to visit to pick up their “refills” instead of receiving shipments because of the great atmosphere their winery embodies…. Sort of ‘casual Country Club style elegance.

In between all the meeting & greeting is their wonderful ‘family of wines’.  Carl is unpretentious in his approach to the winemaking art he secured his 4h … or 5th University Degree for.  He happy to bring fruit directly from the front vineyard  of their 30 acres or truck it down the treacherous Oakville Grade on the Mayacamas Mountains separating Napa and Sonoma Valleys … either turn out to be incredibly enjoyable and affordable. Of course I tried and enjoyed all of their wines, but I am now a fanatic for their Livermore Zinfandel. 

What a gift to anyone who visits and meets this dynamic duo and their family of friends.  You’ll be their new friends for life.  Check out their October 3rd 2009, Harvest Event “Moonstruck” … see you there. 




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