Cocktails, Tapas and a Hip Restaurant Scene

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  • on JANUARY 26, 2015
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Napa’s downtown restaurant scene is abuzz most nights as locals and visitors alike slip into happy hour with friends (and new-found friends at the bar) or nosh on small plates and fuller entrees for dinner. A stroll down Main Street, in between 3rd Street and 2nd Street, reveals several hip and swank Napa restaurants smack next door to each other – The Thomas and Fagiani’s Bar, Zuzu Napa, and now La Taberna. You’ll be lucky to get a seat at a table or a spot at the bar. The vibe is cool; people watching is a must, and the fashion has style and flair.  Did we mention the food yet? It’s delicious. If reviews and word of mouth are any indication, call ahead for a reservation or wait it out for the next available table.

La Taberna
815 Main Street, Napa CA 94559; 707.224.5551
This restaurant recently opened and they do not take reservations, but don’t let that deter you. We hear the suckling pig, braised oxtail empanada, and cocktails are absolutely delicious. They are a sister restaurant to Zuzu Napa.

La Taberna Napa restaurant

The Thomas and Fagiani’s Bar
813 Main Street, Napa CA 94559; 707.226.7821
Ask for a rooftop table, grab a couple of cocktails and anything off the menu for a great lunch or dinner. Don’t skip dessert; order the donuts.

table outdoors

Zuzu Napa
829 Main Street, Napa CA 94559; 707.224.8555
Zuzu Napa specializes in small tapas. Don’t be stingy and order enough plates to share. Be sure to try the ceviche, paella or braised pork cheeks.

small plates of food

There are several other restaurants in Napa that also add color to a vibrant downtown scene.


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