New Campaign Touts California as Land of Wine and Food

  • California
  • on FEBRUARY 14, 2008
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By Robert Farmer


In case, like my friend who for the last two decades was lost on a remote desert island somewhere in the South Pacific, you didn’t already know that California is the Land of Wine and Food, our beloved governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger was recently trotted out as part of a new campaign to tell you so. In spite of my possibly undetected sarcasm here, I actually think this is a good idea on behalf of the California Travel and Tourism Commission. The Commission has brought out some – if not outright famous – at least recognizable names to promote their new portal for visitors to California in search of the wine and food experience.

Although all the information and then some can be found on the site you’re currently reading, I still commend the Commission for recognizing that food and wine are perhaps the Golden State’s most attractive reasons for visiting. In addition to “The Governator”, the campaign features such personalities as Thomas Keller, famed chef of French Laundry, and Andrew Firestone, the fortunate son of Santa Barbara’s Firestone Vineyards, who also blogs for the site. The Commission will market the site via TV spots featuring Schwarzenegger and his wife in major markets beginning this month. In the meantime it can be found here:


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