Oxbow Market Goes Public

  • Napa
  • on DECEMBER 13, 2007
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By Robert Farmer


One of the best additions of any kind to San Francisco (where I reside) in recent years is definitely the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. The public market, open every day and hosting an open-air farmers market three days a week, has simply revitalized the city’s waterfront. Now, I eagerly anticipate the same result in Napa, where the long-awaited Oxbow Public Market will make its debut Dec. 15.

Situated in Napa’s emerging Oxbow District the 40,000-square-foot marketplace on the riverbank will be a testament to the bounty of Wine Country. Dozens of tenants are already aboard—with more in the works—all of which represent the best in local food, wine, and artisinal craftsmanship for which the region is known and loved. Among the first-open tenants at the market are: The Olive Press, Anette’s Chocolate Factory, Tillerman Tea, and farm stands from Bera Ranch and DeSantis. The first couple weeks will bring in Folio Enoteca and Winery, Three Twins Organic Ice Cream, The Fatted Calf, Oxbow Cheese Merchant, and Five Dot Ranch, among others.

I will write much more about the Market as I get to know it better, but for now you can rejoice in the litany of mouthwatering goodness of it all.


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